Church Services

Divine Services

Divine Services are held on Sundays at 11:15am and 6:15pm. All are welcome, see our Mediums page for details of visiting mediums.

church Hall

Private Readings

We have a variety of visiting mediums throughout the year and from all over the United Kingdom. Private sittings are available by appointment only with visiting mediums or our own Resident mediums. If you require a private sitting with one of our Resident mediums, please either E-mail or call the church. Readings cost £18 for church members and £20 for non members. A £10 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. If you wish to make a booking or an enquiry please go to our Contact Us page.

Relaxation and Meditation

Many people just want to spend some time for themselves and what better way than to come to our relaxation and meditation class on a Monday 7.00pm, at a cost of £2.

Workshops, Evenings of Mediumship

We have various workshops being held and special evenings of mediumship. See our Mediums summary page for further details.

Development Classes

Development classes are held at the Church ranging from awareness, meditation and mediumship development. Please contact us for further details.


Spiritual healing is carried out at the Church by either fully trained and approved healers with an SNU qualification or trainees. If you are interested in receiving healing please see our Healing page for further information and dates and times.

Healing Room

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