Spiritual Healing

Our healing is carried out in a tranquil and relaxing manner in either our dedicated healing room or if circumstances require more space we use our beautifully appointed main church hall.

All the healers who work in the church are either fully trained and approved healers with SNU qualifications or trainees on the official SNU H1 course, under the supervision of the healing group leader or another appointed qualified healer.

Healing Times

Approx. 7:45pm After the Divine Service
7:30pm Trainees under supervision
7:00 – 8:00pm

There is no charge for our healing, though we are grateful for any donations made to help us keep providing this service.

The Purpose of Healing

Excerpt from the SNU training manual ‘The Theory of Spiritual Healing’.

‘The true aim of healing is not confined to the alleviation of physical pain or mental stress, it is the motivating of each individuals spiritual nature in furthering God’s plan of evolution. If the divine spark within is kindled into a flame, then its illumination will progressively brighten and transform the whole person.’

We also offer absent or distance healing. It is amazing the power of channelled thoughts and prayers.

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