Spiritual Mediumship

What is Mediumship?

To understand what mediumship is and how it works, we must first understand a little about who we are, how we are made and how we are able to function as human beings.

We are all physical beings, with material bodies, held within that is an energy which animates us and allows us to think, act and react to the world around us. This energy is known as our spirit. When we “die” it is the physical body that wilts and withers away, not our spirit. Our spirit being pure energy cannot die as energy cannot be destroyed it merely changes form, therefore our life energy/spirit, that part of us that holds all our thoughts, feelings, memories and personality continues to exist albeit in a different non physical way after what we know as “death”.

In this world as we are at the moment we are able to see all that is around us at a physical level, but for some gifted individuals known as mediums it is possible for them to register either by seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience) or sensing (clairsentience) the energy/spirit personality of our loved ones in their new found form, those members of our friends and family we know to have “died”. This ability allows the medium to make contact and gain information/evidence from your friend or loved ones who have passed to the higher side of life thus enabling them to prove that they have survived “death” and that they are safe and well in another realm of existence. This work is demonstrated in a variety of ways either through an Evening of Clairvoyance, a Divine Service or a Private Sitting all of which are services we provide at the Church.

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Spiritual Medium?

The difference between a Psychic and a Spiritual medium is the fact that a Psychic will read from you (your aura) and can give you quite specific information about you and your life the description of how is detailed below, whereby a spiritual medium will endeavour to make a link with a person you have known or loved who has passed on to the spirit world.

The Psychic Level

As was said earlier we are physical beings who have a spiritual energy which animates our physical bodies and because of this we ourselves radiate an energy field around us known as the Aura, this aura allows us to feel things from one another at times and even though no words have been spoken, we can often know how a person is feeling, I am sure each one of you at some point have experienced this. Our aura contains a sense of all our thoughts, feelings and experiences and there are individuals known as “Psychics” who have the ability to see or sense the aura and can interpret this information and give us a Psychic reading, this reading will usually contain information regarding who we are, how we are feeling/thinking and perhaps a little about what is happening in our lives at that time. This is NOT the same as a Spiritual Private Sitting.

The Spiritual Level

Although many Spiritual mediums also have the ability to sense or see the aura, they will endeavour to use their own aura to reach out and to try to make contact with a person in the spirit world who you know or relates to you and should be able to provide you with enough specific evidential information about that person e.g. physical description, relationship, personality, nature of their passing, hobbies, habits, shared memories and even information relating to things that may have occurred since they have passed to enable you to know without a shadow of a doubt that your loved one is still very much alive and well in another realm of existence.

Reasons and Responsibility of Mediumship

Many people who seek out a medium or come along to a Spiritualist Church for the first time are brought there through the loss of a loved one and are often very vulnerable emotionally and place a great deal of trust in the medium to whom the seek out, therefore it is of the utmost importance to know the difference between a Psychic and a Spiritual Medium and to know that the one you do meet with is reputable, suitably developed and has an understanding of spiritual matters and the spiritual nature of humankind in order that you receive the best possible opportunity to gain your own proof of the continuous existence of the human soul and life eternal.

Receiving a communication from your friend or loved one in the spirit world from a reputable spiritual medium can be very emotional but at the same time it should bring comfort and upliftment to you from then on.

The Law Regarding Mediumship

As of 2008 the law regarding mediumship placed us within the Trades Description Act, as mediums are viewed to be providing a public service. This is more in relation to mediums giving private sittings and evenings of mediumship, where money is paid for those services. Full details can be found on the SNU Website.

Our Commitment to Quality Spirit Communication through Mediumship

You can be assured that the mediums who serve the Bon Accord Spiritualist Church are all Spiritual Mediums who have worked for many years on their development and practice of mediumship. All of the trainee mediums who are developing their ability within the church are also trained in all aspects of spiritual understanding and are expected to adhere to and maintain high standards of achievement and commitment to their development and understanding within the realm of spirit communication.

This information is by no means comprehensive but should, give you an insight into the general nature of communication based mediumship and the qualities and key points to look for when seeking out a medium for this service. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us.

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